Custom Service Instruction

You can see the perfect piece of jewelry in your mind, but you can't find it anywhere. 

Don't give up - if you can dream it, we can make it!

Bring your ideas to any Jared store and our experts will work with you to make your vision a reality. From a vague idea, a sketch on a cocktail napkin or maybe an old photo, we'll work with you to perfect the design. We'll talk about what type and color of metal you want, the shape and cut of any diamonds or gemstones in the design and other details that will bring your masterpiece to life. 

We work together in every step of the design process. We'll take the design and create a wax model - either hand-carved by a master craftsman or created with the aid of a computer and paired with an image of the finished piece. Depending on how complex your design is, the modeling process takes about three weeks.

We'll continue to work with you to modify your design until it's perfect. 

After you approve the design, your custom piece of jewelry is cast, and our expert jewelers set your choice of diamonds or gemstones. The jewelry is polished and finished by hand and presented to you. On average, it takes about an additional three weeks from approving the model to holding your unique design in your hands.

A custom design might be for you if:
  • You've got a design you've thought of, but haven't found.
  • You have a special piece of jewelry you'd love to make into a complete and matching set.
  • You own heirloom jewelry you'd like recreate into a new design.
  • You inherited or purchased a loose diamond or gemstone and want to create a unique design for it.
  • You have an empty setting you inherited or purchased on vacation and want to create a design that's truly special.
  • You need the perfect wedding band or anniversary ring to complement your engagement ring.

A unique, personal piece of jewelry designed by you is totally possible! Come into a VLOVE today to make the dream a Let's Get It Started for finished the information form